Ndapandula Nakashole


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Ndapandula Nakashole (2009), MSc, A Grid-Based Search Engine for the Developing World

Ndapandula Nakashole (2006), Honours, Dynamic Cluster-based Search Engine

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Related Publications

Ndapandula Nakashole, and H. Suleman (2009), "A Hybrid Distributed Architecture for Indexing", in Agosti, Maristella, Jose Borbinha, Sarantos Kapidakis, Christos Papatheodorou and Giannis Tsakonas (eds): Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries: Proceedings of 13th European Conference (ECDL 2009), September/October 2009, Corfu, Greece, LNCS 5714, Springer. ISBN: 978-3-642-04345-1

Ndapandula Nakashole, H. Suleman and Calvin Pedzai (2007), "Dynamic Role Allocation for Small Search Engine Clusters", In Barnard, Lynette and Reinhard A Botha (eds): Proceedings of Annual Research Conference of the South African Institute of Computer Scientists and Information Technologists (SAICSIT 2007), Port Alfred, South Africa. Available http://pubs.cs.uct.ac.za/archive/00000431/01/dynamic_role.pdf

Ndapandula Nakashole, and H. Suleman (2008) "A Scavenger Grid for Intranet Indexing", at 11th International Conference on Asia-Pacific Digital Libraries (ICADL 2008), Bali, Indonesia, 2-5 December 2008.