Prospective Students

To be supervised by Hussein Suleman: Click here for information

Current Postdoctoral Fellows


  name year title / topic
  Bernard Akhigbe 2021- User-centred Modelling and Information Retrieval System Evaluation in the Context of Cognitive IR View

Current Students


Masters and PhD Students

  name year degree title / topic
  Tumelo Makgaka 2021- MSc Investigating low-resource personal digital archives
  Mustafa Ali 2021- MSc Investigating the feasibility of a low-resource Digital Library Management System
  Julian Nkuna 2021- MSc Investigating the impact of language models on sentiment analysis when using twitter streams to monitor governance in South Africa
  Jarryd Dunn 2021- MSc Evaluating Automated and Hybrid Neural Disambiguation for African Historical Named Entities
  Khanyisa Mtombeni 2020- M.Phil Investigating how South African humanities researchers engage with Digital Archives
  Kinsley Ndenge 2019- M.Phil Investigating learning analytics for automatically marked programming assessments
  Soham Singh 2019- MSc Investigating User Experience and Bias Mitigation of a Multi-Modal Search Interface
  Jecton Anyango 2018- PhD An investigation of a game generator tool to teach recursion
  Joseph Telemala 2018- PhD Language preferences for improving Swahili information retrieval
  Jackson Moji 2017- MSc The Temporal Effects of Gamification In The Context of African Language Content Generation
  Jivashi Nagar 2016- PhD Investigating Time of Search as a Feature to Improve the Personalization of Information Retrieval Systems
Catherine Chavula 2014- PhD Multilingual information retrieval for closely related Bantu languages

Honours Students

          names year project
  Toshka Coleman 2020 HERIPORT
  Alex Priscu
  Ashil Ramjee
  Aa'isha Dout 2020 EXHIBIT
  Ceara Mullins

Past Students


Masters and PhD Students

  name year degree title
  Khanyisa Mtombeni 2020-2021 M.Phil Investigating how South African humanities researchers engage with Digital Archives
  Kinsley Ndenge 2019-2021 M.Phil Investigating learning analytics for automatically marked programming assessments
  Soham Singh 2019-2021 MSc Investigating User Experience and Bias Mitigation of a Multi-Modal Search Interface
Catherine Chavula 2014-2021 PhD Language similarities in Retrieval for Resource Scarce Languages: A Study of Several Southern Bantu Languages
Sinini Ncube 2013-2020 PhD A Mobile-based Communication Platform for eTextbook discussions
Mushashu Lumpa 2011-2019 MSc Digital Repositories in Private Clouds
  Joan Byamugisha 2015-2019 PhD Ontology verbalization in agglutinating Bantu languages: a study of Runyankore and its generalizability
  Janine Ritchie 2018-2018 MPhil Investigating the effect of gamification on the adoption of fitness apps on mobile devices in South Africa
  Cameron Kyle 2017-2018 MPhil CNLs for finance
  Devan Govender 2017-2018 MPhil Evaluating audio classification for the purpose of automating the trimming of lecture recordings
Lighton Phiri 2014-2018 PhD Investigating the impact of organized orchestration on teaching and learning
  Sarah Brittan 2013-2018 MSc Multi-stakeholder design of mobile micro-enterprise financial management system
  Morebodi Modise 2015-2018 MSc A Comparison of Mobile Search Interfaces for isiXhosa Speakers
  Zola Mahlaza 2016-2018 MSc Surface realization for Nguni languages by focusing on weather summuary generation
Jorgina Paihama 2013- PhD Using ICTs to steer low-skilled unemployed workers towards appropriate training opportunities
  Selvas Mwanza 2016- PhD Algorithmically detecting and tracking socio-political problems in South Africa using social media data
  Jarvis Mutakha 2017- MSc To be decided
  Maryam Al-Mukhaylid 2016-2017 MSc A Comparison of Socially-Motivated Discussion Forum Models for LMSes
  Josiah Chavula 2013-2017 PhD Improving the Pan-African Research and Education Network through Peering and Traffic Engineering
  Haji Ali Haji 2013-2017 PhD Investigating Mobile Image-based Applications to Support Compliance in Tuberculosis Treatment in Rural Africa
  Jessica Mantel 2016-2017 MPhil Prototype for a mobile application for user-driven residential electricity usage monitoring
  Job King'ori Maina 2014-2016 MSc Enhancing Digital Heritage Archives Through Annotations and Gamification
  Pascal Ngaboyisonga 2015- MPhil in Measuring mobile broadband performance
Mvurya Mgala 2013-2016 PhD

Mobile based prediction modeling of academic performance for primary school students

Tresor Mvumbi 2012-2016 MSc Natural language interface to querying databases
  Ayodeji Olojede 2014-2016 MSc Investigating image processing algorithms for provision of information in rock art sites using mobile devices
Anesh Kalan 2014-2016 MPhil

Understanding merchant acceptance of independent mobile payment services in South Africa

  Sunkanmi Olaleye 2014- MSc in Mobile text entry for complex scripts
Lyneve Laing 2015- MSc in isiXhosa NLG
Lucky Mogashana 2015- MPhil in Portals to create language awareness
Sean Packham 2014-2016 MSc Crowdsourcing a Text Corpus for Low Resource Languages
Mohato Lekena 2013-2015 MSc Designing Mobile Multi-touch Drum Sequencing Applications
Chao Mbogo 2012-2015 PhD Investigating mobile-based strategies to support learning of computer programming beyond the classroom in higher education: Case of Kenya and South Africa
Grace Ssekakubo 2011-2015 PhD Refactoring learning management systems for multi-device use in developing countries
  Deena Chetty 2013-2014 MPhil Perceptions of Cloud Computing in the South African Government
Ngoni Munyaradzi 2011-2013 MSc Volunteer Thinking for Human-Intensive Tasks in Digital Libraries
Lighton Phiri 2011-2013 MSc Simple Digital Libraries
Lebeko Poulo 2009-2013 MSc Cloud Computing for Digital Libraries
Mohammed Mustafa Ali 2008-2013 PhD Language-aware Multilingual Information Retrieval
Michelle Havenga (nee Katz) 2009-2012 MSc Building Heritage Collections using Games in Social Networks
Kyle Williams 2009-2012 MSc Learning to Read Bushman
Morwan Mohamed Nour 2009-2012 MSc An end-to-end soluton for complex open educational resources
Jorgina Paihama 2009-2012 MSc Meta-standardisation of Interoperability Protocols
Muammar Omar 2005-2012 MSc Component-based Digital Library Scalability using clusters
Stefano Rivera 2009- MSc Digital Asset Management in a Content Management System
Lisemelo Tlale 2009- MPhil Assessing the impact of data quality techniques in telecommunications data warehouse ETL processing
Marius Nel 2008-2011 MPhil Large Image Support in Digital Repositories
Kathryn van Niekerk 2008-2011 MPhil Efficient Curation of Heritage Data
Hisham Abdalla 2007- PhD Improving Arabic-English Cross-language Information Retrieval by Exploiting Web Structure
Nils Körber 2007- MSc Enhancing Usability of Open Source Digital Repositories
Christopher Parker 2007-2009 MSc A lightweight interface to local Grid scheduling systems
Ndapandula Nakashole 2007-2009 MSc A Grid-Based Search Engine for the Developing World
Themba Munalula 2007-2008 MPhil Measuring the applicability of Open Data Standards to a single distributed organisation: an application to the COMESA Secretariat
Mayumbo Nyirenda 2006-2008 MSc Universal Web Application Server
Ashwinkoomarsing Balluck 2006-2007 MPhil Optimising Information Retrieval from the Web in Low-bandwidth Environments
Mpho Sello 2006-2007 MPhil Individual Document Management Techniques: an Explorative Study
Masha du Toit 2006-2007 MPhil Investigating the Efficacy of XML and Stylesheets to Render Electronic Courseware for Multiple Learning Styles
Mongezi Ngindana 2006- PhD Comparative Analysis of Bandwidth Limitation and Information Accessibility in Developing Countries
Kieran Sharpey-Schafer 2006-2012 MSc An Investigation and Evaluation of Possible Solutions for a National Patient Record in South Africa
Candice Cloete 2005-2006 MPhil MIRMaid: An interface for a content based Music Information Retrieval test-bed
Kevin Feng 2004-2006 MSc Customizable Abstract Representation Layer
Siyabonga Mhlongo 2004-2006 MSc Flexible Packaging Methodologies for Rapid Deployment of Customisable Component-based Digital Libraries
  Linda Eyambe 2003-2005 MSc A Digital Library Component Assembly Environment

honours students

  names year project
  Tony Guo 2019 Three Visual Approaches to Aid the Teaching of Recursion (sup: Jecton Anyango)
  Shakeel Mohamed
  Ra-eez Stenekamp
  Eric Dai 2018 SANCTUM (sup: Jivashi Nagar)
  Pieter van der Walt
  Matt Young
  Breyden Monyemoratho 2018 FINDMAIL
  Shivaan Motilal
  Rethabile Moshesha 2017 LEARN (sup: Lighton Phiri)
  Todii Mashoko  
  Lavius Motileng  
  Kristin Kinmont 2017 SASITwit (sup: Selvas Mwanza)
  Shaheen Karodia    
  Michelle Lu  
  Sinead Urisohn 2017 Simrank (sup: Catherine Chavula)
  Andre Lopes  
  Tashiv Sewpersad 2017 Timerank (sup: Jivashi Nagar)
  Gina Horscroft  
  Jordan Kadish  
  Nabeel Parker 2016 RVOA
  Morne Valentyn
  Jacob Goldberg 2016 AfricanLII
  Darren Silke 2016 WSIS
  Meinolf Simbenda
  Alon Bresler 2016 BantuWEB
  Andreas Von Holy
  Osher Shuman
  Robert Passmore 2015 AfriNREN
  Chantal Yang
  Roslyn Sanby
  Craig Feldman 2015 IR to RIMS
  Darryl Meyer
  Victor Kabine 2015 Afrispel
  Balone Ndaba
  Noosrat Hoosain 2015 Three Archives
  Noxolo Mthimkulu
  Nicole Petersen
Nkosana Malumba 2014 Afriweb - The IsiZulu Search Engine
Katlego Moukangwe
Jay Benson 2014 Zamani Data Archive
Michael Ferguson
Marco Lawrence 2013 School of Rock Art
Kaitlyn Crawford
Joanne Marston
Timothy Trewartha 2012 Spatial Navigation of African Cultural Heritage
Michiel Baird
Stuart Hammar 2011 SimplyCT for Heritage
Miles Robinson
Flora Kundaeli 2011 Afrimeet
Zafika Manzi
Tresor Mvumbi
Mushashu Mwansa Lumpa 2010 Copying Archives
Ngoni Munyaradzi
Kyle Williams 2009 Bushman OnLine Dictionary
Sanvir Manilal
Lebogang Molwantoa
Marc Bowes 2009 CALJAX
Matthew Hirst
Suraj Subrun
Morwan Mohamed Nour 2008 Language Preservation Portal
Jorgina Paihama
Lebeko Poulo
Graham Hunter 2007 Cellphone Shopper
Marc Pelteret
Tshifhiwa Ramuhaheli
Ndapandula Nakashole 2006 Dynamic Cluster-based Search Engine
Calvin Pedzai
Fabian Jacobs 2005 District Six Museum Multimedia Information Management System
Kurt Kruger
Kumoyo Mukunyandela 2004 Personal Document Management
Lefa Ramike
Muammar Omar 2004 Question And Test Interoperability
Afzal Dalwai
Andrew Maunder 2004 X-Switch: Multi-User Web Application Server
Reinhardt van Rooyen
Stephen Emslie 2003 Blox: A Component Connection System
David Moore
Aleksandar Manojlovic 2003 DynaMail: Dynamic Online Communities
Ryan Slade
Sergio Congia 2003 SOAPifying the Open Archives
Michael Gaylord
Bhavik Merchant
Siyabonga Mhlongo 2003 peerDOC
Senate Mafike
Phathutshedzo Tshivhengwa