Online Learning Environments (OLEs) provide learners and facilitators with an ever-increasing collection of tools for group collaboration and communication. This unfortunately also means an ever-increasing number of information sources to track and manage. FeedChat is an attempt to integrate both synchronous (chat) and asynchronous (forum) communication systems in an OLE. This experimental system was designed to look and function like a social networking system that gives users a constant stream of notifications of new activity. It was expected that advanced users, such as Computer Science students, would feel more comfortable when using such a system. Feedback from users indicates that some users do indeed accept the new approach readily and most users are able to identify with the social networking approach taken in the system.

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H. Suleman (2010), A Social Networking Approach to Integrated Communication in OLEs, in Proceedings of South African Computer Lecturers' Association (SACLA) Conference 2010, Pretoria, 3-5 June 2010.