Accepted Papers

Full Papers

  1. Providing Media Download Services in African Taxis;Graeme Smith and Gary Marsden
  2. Rough Subsumption Reasoning with rOWL;C. Maria Keet
  3. Business Process Management Adoption: A Case Study of a South African Supermarket Retailer;Lisa F Seymour and Wesley Grisdale
  4. Using N-grams to Identify Mathematical Topcis in MXit Lingo;Laurie Butgereit and Reinhardt A Botha
  5. The Effect of Construction Heuristics on the Performance of a Genetic Algorithm for the School Timetabling Problem;Rushil Raghavjee and Nelishia Pillay
  6. Static Typing with Value Space-based Subtyping;Alexander Paar and Stefan Gruner
  7. The Influence of Gender and Age on Choosing Computing Courses at South African Universities;Patricia Alexander, Marthie Schoeman, Estelle De Kock, Bennett Alexander and Roxi Piderit
  8. Efficiency Measurements in IVR Systems for Oral Users: Consequences of Differences in Educational Levels;Tembalethu Jama Ndwe, Etienne Barnard, Renee Koen and Bryan McAlister
  9. Indexing and Weighting of Multilingual and Mixed Documents;Mohammed Mustafa, Izzedin Osman and Hussein Suleman
  10. A System for Real-Time Deformable Terrain;Justin Crause, Andrew Flower and Patrick Marais
  11. A Sketch-Based Articulated Figure Animation Tool;Timothy Matthews and Dieter Vogts
  12. The Impact of Sensor Fusion on Tilt Interaction in a Mobile Map-Based Application;Bradley van Tonder and Janet Wesson
  13. Day Labour Mobile Electronic Data Capture and Browsing System;Christopher Chepken, Edwin Blake and Gary Marsden
  14. The Accreditation of ICT Degree Programs in South Africa;Andre Calitz, Jean Greyling and Margaret Cullen
  15. Evaluating Software Specifications by Comparison;Cyrille Dongmo and John Andrew van der Poll
  16. Investigating the Extent to which Students Share Tacit Knowledge Using Mobile Phones in Group Projects;Chiedza Khumbula and Michael Kyobe
  17. Issues of Adoption: Have E-Learning Management Systems Fulfilled their Potential in Developing Countries?;Grace Ssekakubo, Hussein Suleman and Gary Marsden
  18. The conversion from PowerPoint (PPT) to compressed Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGZ);Jean-Pierre Joubert, Jean Greyling and Charmain Cilliers
  19. Using Information Visualization to Support Web Service Discovery;Simone Beets and Janet Wesson
  20. A Domain-Specific Language for URDAD Based Requirements Elicitation;Fritz Solms, Craig Edwards, Alexander Paar and Stefan Gruner
  21. Barrel Menu: A New Mobile Phone Menu for Feature Rich Devices;Greg Foster and Terence Foxcroft
  22. The Influence of Gender and Internet Experience on the Acceptability of Smell as Interaction Modality;Ray Shih and Pieter Blignaut
  23. Successful ICT Service Delivery: Enablers, Inhibitors and Hygiene Factors - A Service Provider Perspective;Eureka Sewchurran and Irwin Brown
  24. Does Chomsky Complexity Affect Genetic Programming Computational Requirements?;Clayton Burger and Mathys Cornelius du Plessis
  25. Contextual Factors Influencing Strategic Information Systems Plan Implementation;Nancy Brown and Irwin Brown
  26. Evaluating Web Conferencing Tool Effectiveness;Andrew Twine and Irwin Brown
  27. ICT Career Track Awareness amongst ICT Graduates;Andre Calitz, Jean Greyling and Margaret Cullen
  28. Towards a framework for the adoption of Business Intelligence in public sector organisations: the case of South Africa;Kaashief Hartley and Lisa Seymour
  29. Browser-based Software for Technology Transfer;Judith Bishop


Short Papers

  1. Enhancing Identification Mechanisms in UML Class Diagrams with Meaningful Keys;C. Maria Keet
  2. A Phonetic Approach to Handling Spelling Variations in Medieval Documents;Mushtaq Ahmad, Nazim Rahman and Stefan Gruner
  3. An evaluation of a low-cost 3-dimensional gestural interface: Wii3D;João Lourenço and Hannah Thinyane
  4. The Dualism of the Information Technology Project in organisations;Motshidisi Letseka
  5. Design Principles for Contactile Computing;Philip Machanick
  6. Empowerment of rural farmers through information sharing using inexpensive technologies;Marie Louise Iraba and Isabella M. Venter
  7. A Grounded Theory Research Investigation Into The Importance Of Social Relationships And Networks Within Corporate Information Systems Projects;Awie Leonard
  8. Engineering RESTful semantic services on the fly;Jabu Mtsweni, Elmarie Biermann and Laurette Pretorius
  9. Mobile Phones and Digital Divide in East African Countries;Lucas Mimbi, Michael Kyobe and Felix Bankole
  10. Towards the Formalisation of Object-Oriented Methodologies;Ayodele Adeola Adesina-Ojo, John Andrew van der Poll and Lucas M. Venter
  11. Detecting Non-Stereoscopic to Stereoscopic Image Splicing with the use of Disparity Maps;Mark-Anthony Fouché and Martin Olivier
  12. The RHINO Platform – Charging Towards Innovation and Skills Development in Software Defined Radio;Simon Winberg, Alan Langman and Simon Scott
  13. Understanding Culturally Distant End-Users Through Intermediary-Derived Personas;Fritz Meissner and Edwin Blake
  14. Adoption of Green IS in South Africa – an exploratory study;Chris Petzer, Carolyn Jane Dunton McGibbon and Irwin Brown
  15. Investigation into BATMANd-0.3.2 Protocol Performance in an Indoor Mesh Potato Testbed;Edmundo Chissungo, Edwin Blake and Hanh Le
  16. Empirical comparison of four classifier fusion strategies for positive-versus-negative ensembles;Patricia E.N. Lutu
  17. Proposed Stages of a Rural ICT Comprehensive Evaluation Framework in ICT for Rural Development Projects;Caroline Pade-Khene and David Sewry
  18. Using mass video notification methods to assist Deaf people;Ryno Taswald Lioyd Hoorn and Isabella Venter
  19. Domain Specific Languages Contextualized;Michael Hendrik Matthee and Stephen Levitt