Proceedings of the 14th International Symposium on Electronic Theses and Dissertations

13-17 September 2011, Cape Town, South Africa

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Paper Session 1A - Publishing and Plagiarism

The role of stakeholders: Electronic Theses and Dissertations submission workflow for the University of Johannesburg - Lazarus Matizirofa (SA) [abstract]

Do ETDs Deter Publishers? Does Web availability count as prior publicaton? - Marisa Ramirez, Gail Mcmillan, Joan Dalton, Nancy Seamans and Max Read (US & Canada) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Where Sharing Should Not Go: An Environmental Scan of Originality Assurance Awareness and Efforts to Discourage or Prevent Plagiarism - Charles Greenberg and Austin Mclean (US) [abstract] [peer-reviewed paper]

Electronic Theses and Dissertation in Nigeria University Libraries: Status, Challenges and Strategies - Ifeanyi J Ezema and Cyprian Ugwu (Nigeria) [abstract]

Paper Session 1B - Open Access and Institutional Repositories

Institutional Repositories for Open Access; the Ghanaian Experience - Abednego Corletey (Ghana) [abstract] [peer-reviewed paper] [presentation]

Building Institutional Repositories in KLISC Member Institutions in Kenya: Emerging challenges - Rosemary Otando (Kenya) [abstract] [peer-reviewed paper] [presentation]

A comparative overview of the development of the institutional repositories at the University of Cape Town and at the University of Pretoria - Annah Macha and Karin De Jager (SA) [abstract] [peer-reviewed paper] [presentation]

Assessing Awareness of Repositories and the Open Access Movement Among ETD Faculty Advisors - Molly Dolan (US) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Panel Session 1C - NDLTD Union Catalog

Paper Session 2A - Digitization

ETD Initiatives in Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO): Successes, challenges, prospects - Chinwe Anunobi and Collette Onyebinama (Nigeria) [abstract] [peer-reviewed paper] [presentation]

Digitization of Theses and Dissertations: Status Quo India - Mangala Hirwade (India) [abstract] [peer-reviewed paper]

Creative Partnerships to Advance Graduate Research in the Digital Age - John Hagen (US) [abstract] [paper]

Paper Session 2B - Access

Enhanced Browsing System for Electronic Theses and Dissertations - Venkat Srinivasan, Mohamed Magdy and Edward Fox (US) [abstract] [peer-reviewed paper] [presentation]

Examining access by country, language and areas of knowledge - Ana Pavani (Brazil) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Data Desiccation: Facilitating long-term Access, Use, and Reuse of ETDs - Daniel Alemneh and Mark Phillips (US) [abstract] [peer-reviewed paper]

Paper Session 2C - National Initiatives

First a trial balloon, now an established workflow: collecting electronic thesis at the German National Library - Uta Ackermann (Germany) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Creating a National Electronic Thesis & Disertation Portal in South Africa - Lawrence Webley, Hussein Suleman and Tatenda Chipeperekwa (SA) [abstract] [peer-reviewed paper] [presentation]

Towards National ETD Database: Responsibilities for the Libraries in Kenya - John Thuku (Kenya) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Paper Session 3A - People and Theses

Thesis and Dissertations Management Overview in Kosovo - Shukrije Rama (Serbia) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

University Digital Scholarship Centers and Support for Graduate Thesis and Dissertation Work - Joan Lippincott (US) [abstract] [presentation]

Social factors influencing the adoption and development of Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) programmes in the Arab Gulf States - Jamal Alsalmi, Chern Li Liew and Brenda Chawner (New Zealand) [abstract] [peer-reviewed paper] [presentation]

The dot on the i: reflections of a postgraduate student and repository manager on the etd process at the University of Pretoria - Elsabe Olivier and Ina Louw (SA) [abstract] [peer-reviewed paper] [presentation]

Paper Session 3B - ETD Tools

VT ETD-db 2.0: Rewriting ETD-db System - Sung Hee Park, Paul Mather, Kimberli D. Weeks, Edward A. Fox and Gail Mcmillan (US) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Enriching the VT ETD-db System with References - Sung Hee Park and Edward A. Fox (US) [abstract] [peer-reviewed paper] [presentation]

CARPET - a Directory of Generic Publishing Tools - Peter Schirmbacher (Germany) [abstract] [presentation]

Panel Session 3C - Open Access ETDs and Publication in the Humanities and Social Sciences


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Published by National Research Foundation, South Africa, 13 September 2011.

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